Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Time for a new church?

And a new school?? Sure it is! (let's go back in time though, say a hundred years or so)

Here's what you'd see!

Looks a tad different nowadays don't it? (now there is no metal work on the steeple, and there is a different cross)

Wouldn't it be nice to have it looking like this again?

Take a close look at this picture. First, look at the church. There are no windows yet!! AND, there's a little tower on the back of the church, it's not there anymore.

Now the school. It housed about 80 students at it's heyday. It's not there anymore because it was condemned in the early 1900's due to huge structural problems. It looks very similar to the school at the old church.


  1. "Wouldn't it be nice to have it looking like this again?"

    Definitely, with the altar rails re-installed and the altar re-positioned ad orientem.

    But I think it's also nice the way it is. Especially when compared to some other parishes.

  2. More than three colors in the church would be a good start...


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