Wednesday, October 3, 2007

First pastor

Father I. Ponchele was the first Pastor of St. Mary's Parish. He was the one in charge of gathering the community of Irish immigrants together to form St. Mary's parish. He oversaw the construction of the first St. Mary's church. He died, however, before the church was completed. He was buried under the alter in a water-tight compartment.

When the community had moved to the current day church, they decided to dig up the grave of Father Ponchele and take him to the parish cemetery. Here's an account of what happened....

If you have trouble reading is what it says
"Rev. Ignatious Ponchele, the first priest to have charge of St. Mary's Catholic church of Norwalk, died 4o years ago and his remains were placed in a vault under the altar of the church. Tuesday the body was exhumed to be removed to the church burying ground. The casket was opened and the parties having the matter in charge were startled and frightened at finding the remains in a perfect state of preservation. The face was as natural and lifelike as though the dead proiate had just lain down for a sleep. His clothes also were well preserved."
Over time i will keep featuring past pastors here on the blog. If you ever have any information to add to anything i post, just let me know!